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The mixed choir Koiton Laulu (Helsinki, Finland) was founded in 1952. The choir has a firm ideological background, and its name is still strongly associated with the Finnish political song movement of the 1970s, being one of its founding members.

Koiton Laulu has always promoted the development of Finnish choir music from an amateur perspective. One of its key principles has been cooperation with modern composers and poets, both Finns and non-Finns. The choir's repertoire is uncompromising, demanding and diverse; the amount of commissioned works and first performances is probably without equal in Finnish choir music. The choir has performed the works of internationally recognised composers for the first time in Finland (Mikis Theodorakis’ Canto General conducted by the composer, Hanns Eisler’s The Mother and works by Veljo Tormis, among others).

Koiton Laulu has recorded ten albums on their own and performed on a great number of others. The choir can be constantly seen and heard on Finnish television and radio, and in Finnish movies. Parts of its repertoire have also been published as sheet music.

The choir has performed also in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cuba, Estonia, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Ireland, Sweden, the Soviet Union and Uruguay.

Artistic leader

The choir’s artistic leader Tomas Takolander is a versatile musician whose principal instrument is collaboration. He is a composer, conductor, pedagog, guitarist, pianist, trumpeter and singer from Loviisa.


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